Social media marketing is a means through which businesses of all sizes connect and interact with their audience on social media platforms. It’s a remarkable way to reach your prospects and customers alike, boost brand awareness and advocacy, drive leads and sales, and promote greater return on investment.

Social Media marketing offers several benefits such as:

  1. Increase in website traffic
  2. Better conversions
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Positive brand identity and higher brand association
  5. Better interaction and communications with a key audience

Brands who are not employing the tactics of social media marketing to interact with their prospects and customers would not only miss the above benefits but would eventually lose their customers to their competitors who are engaging them on social platforms.

There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but Facebook marketing and advertising offer the best reach in customer targeting and retargeting.

DMC Insight social marketing services offer a cost-effective Facebook ad strategy, which can tremendously impact your organic Facebook presence to help people discover and connect with your business. Hence, using DMC Insight social media marketing services gives every small, medium and large business the right push for growth.

Benefits of DMC Insight Social Media Marketing services

Our Facebook marketing and other social media marketing services offer the following benefits:

  1. Marketing Objectives: Most clients who do not have the understanding of how Facebook ads works would keep spending their earnings in promoting their adverts to a lot of people. When you ask some of them “What do you want?” they’ll say “I want to promote my ads to as many people as possible”. This is a terrible social media marketing objective because promoting to a lot of irrelevant people would result in low click-through-rate (CTR), and higher cost-per-click (CPC).
    Hence, the right Facebook marketing objective is to start with some audience, analyze results, optimize ads, then promote to more relevant people. This cyclic process would lead to higher CTR and lower CPC, and DMC Insight professionals are the best hands to help you achieve it.
  2. Facebook Ads: With DMC Insight Facebook ads services, we can help your customers discover your business and brand easily on Facebook. We can set up these ads services with the lowest cost per click (CPC) and highest return on investment (ROI).
  3. Facebook Pages: Our social media marketing experts can setup, promote, and manage your Facebook pages. We can also create and boost Facebook posts, and manage messages on your page in order to help people connect with your business and brand.
  4. Facebook Ads Campaign: It’s true that paid advertising is the best way to gain higher reach on Facebook, but if it’s not done well, you’ll get fewer engagements. DMC Insight can help you to setup ads campaign on Facebook Ads Manager. Our experts know how to navigate through these rigorous processes such as choosing your objective, defining your audience and budget, choosing ads placements, and placing your order.
  5. Retargeting: Retargeting converts window shoppers into buyers. It’s believed that only 2% of website visitors actually buy products or services on their first visit. DMC Insight can ensure that the activities of the other 98% who left are monitored, kept track of, and brought back to your online store through retargeting ads.
  6. Measure Results: DMC Insight can help you to check if your campaign is performing well or against your goals. We can also build better Facebook ads campaigns for you if your existing campaign is not performing well.

In all, DMC Insight guarantees to increase your website traffic, engagement, and sales through our social media services. We’ll ensure that your prospects and customers take action by visiting your website or shop, downloading your app or purchasing your products or services.

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