With dirty data in your website database, the reported customer experience and site performance are usually higher or lower than the actual value. If this is the case with your website database, then your indicators must be misguiding. The level of customer experience or site performance can only be termed “misguiding” if quality control services on customers’ data are not deployed on the website.

One of the most significant needs for quality control services on online websites is to filter out dirty data, which include inaccurate, duplicated, erroneous, outdated, and incomplete data in a database.

Moreover, statistics have shown that dirty data costs U.S. based online and offline businesses an annual sum of $600 billion as estimated by Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI). But there is a cost-savings approach to minimizing material costs and business interruptions that may arise due to dirty data, and DMC Insight offers this cost-savings approach through its data cleansing services.

DMC Insight Data Cleansing Service is a complete online/digital marketing optimization services that provide data cleansing services for small, medium, and enterprise scale companies. DMC Insight data quality service offers clients the assurance that every reported information concerning your customer experience or site performance was reached with the best set of data, which were cleansed through data matching, de-duplication, profiling, and enrichment.
We are providing a superior level of data cleansing services that has never been matched by any data quality tool providers in the industry.

Benefits of DMC Insight Data Cleansing Services

DMC Insight Data Cleansing Services offers a complete range of data cleansing services with multiple benefits, which include the following.

  1. Data Cleansing: DMC Insight can provide you with enterprise data quality through its data cleansing services. Our data profiling capability is unmatched, and we also offer cleansing services that would aid you in elevating your data quality gathered from all sources and platforms.
  2. Data Quality Analytics: Many organizations don’t know if they have a need for data cleansing services or not, and they may have been basing their marketing decisions on dirty data. DMC Insight Data Cleansing Services provides you with data profiling features, which has the following benefits:
    1. Connects and collects consumer/business data.
    2. Categorizes and evaluates data.
    3. Performs simple analysis of collected data.
    4. Validate results by matching it against established standards.
    5. Reports data profiling results in order to show the need for data cleansing services exists.
  3. Data Analytics Consultancy: Data Analytics consultancy is among data cleansing solutions offered by DMC Insight. Our team of data analytics consultants is always available to receive your request 24/7.
  4. Normalization: DMC Insight can restructure your business or customer data to uniform formats based on an established guide. This benefit is useful in data grouping for easy identification.
  5. Matching and De-duplication: DMC Insight helps web owners/developers and online marketers in data matching, which is needful in identifying and removing duplicated data. This benefit eliminates the stress in manual inspection of duplicated data by the business owner.
  6. Data Enrichment: DMC Insight Data Cleansing Services professionals can help to enrich your data. We can refine, enhance, and improve your customer and business data. Our data cleansing service is a valuable asset in the hand of online business owners, who have a need for data cleansing and quality control.

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