Consumers are becoming more aware that marketers are tracking and mining their data. Many consumers are not in support of data tracking or mining and have devised various means to become invisible on the internet. But notwithstanding, the truth still remains that both small, medium and enterprise scale businesses need these data to survive in our highly competitive world.

The question now is "How then can marketers track consumers’ data without the slightest notice from consumers?"
DMC Insight Inc. offers a data tracking service. We have an outstanding ability in data tracking, collection, and analysis. We can create the needed data-driven insight for business in order to help them understand their actual and potential customers on a deeper level across multiple contact channels.

Features of DMC Insight Data Tracking Services

  1. Web log Analysis: With the activities of search engine spiders and robots, it’s relatively hard to identify unique human visitors and track their journey on a website. But with the advent of web log analysis, which is a feature in DMC Insight service, we can now ignore spiders and track unique human visits by cookies.

    DMC Insight web log analysis offers the following advantages:
    1. No loss in customers’ path on your website.
    2. Efficiency in historical data analysis.
    3. Use our logfile information for search engine optimization.
    4. A high rate of web performance.
    5. Reliable record of data, and reporting on every information.
  2. Page Tagging: Page tagging is a data collection method which came as a remedy for much concerns on the accuracy of log file analysis in the face of caching. DMC Insight as a web analytics service that offers both logfile analysis and page tagging services, so as to give the user the best outcome and experience.
  3. Unlimited Parameters: DMC Insight employs unlimited parameters such as digital and web analysis, tag management, data tracking, logfile analysis, page tagging, and data analysis to maximize every reported metrics or information.
  4. Session identification: DMC Insight marketing professionals can help you to identify and differentiate real website users from search engine robots and spiders. This can be achieved with our advanced tag reader support.
  5. Real and unreal time reporting: DMC Insight offers real time reporting of events and information across any access point. Every information is reported immediately, and you can have access to your data on your mobile or smartphone device.
  6. Quick access to data: We provide you access to your data in an excel sheet or on your own website database. This would grant you easily analysis and data evaluation.
  7. No need for custom codes: With DMC Insight data tracking services, there is no need to start clacking your head on how to write custom codes on your website. Our digital marketing professionals will help you to write such codes in order to effectively promote your website performance.

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