Advanced Attribution Modelling Software for Data-Driven Marketing

Won’t it be nice to sit back, relax and watch a digital marketing software attribute success or failure to your marketing strategies, help to optimize your digital marketing tactics, and assist your marketers to reach their online audiences efficiently and accurate with more personalized messages?

Yes, DMC Insight‘s attribution modeling software has the capacity to set your sales team on the right marketing direction. The beauty of our attribution software is that it’s built to figure out the right solution to your company’s marketing needs by figuring out and implementing the right attribution model for your customer’s journey. Therefore, our multi-touch attribution solution is a self-learning tool that optimizes itself while predicting and attributing more credits to higher lead sources.


Why Choose DMC Insight’s Attribution Software

If you are searching for a digital marketing attribution software online, the number of software platforms vying to solve your needs may overwhelm you. Why should you choose DMC Insight’s attribution software over the 7,000 other platforms with similar solutions?

The answer is simple – while other software platforms serve single needs with limited features, DMC Insight attribution software offers comprehensive attribution software features such as:

  1. Easy Installation and Implementation
    Our attribution software solution is a very easy implementation on your website or other online marketing platforms, and you do not have to be a tech-pro to install and implement it.
  2. Comprehensive Attribution Model
    Our software offers comprehensive attribution modeling, and it automatically chooses the type of attribution model that would suit your sales channels. Therefore, if predicts and attributes more as customers and prospects get in touch with your marketing channels.
  3. Personalized, Efficient and Accurate Reporting
    If you need personalized, data-driven, efficient and accurate reporting for marketing channels and sales funnel at large, then choose DMC Insight’s attribution software.
  4. Excellent Customer Support
    We offer excellent and ongoing support to help your marketing campaigns become visible to prospects and customers. You can call on our customer support team to assist you in any needs at any time.
  5. Self-Learning Tool
    Our tool is constantly optimized to remain the industry’s most sophisticated algorithmic model to measure the influence of every marketing channel on the sales funnel.


Ours is a tool that’s easy to set up and implement, and it would help you monitor your platform user’s actions, and then process and analyze the data for actionable insight. DMC Insight’s Attribution software can analyze your customer’s journey in real-time and give you timely feedback on what would work best for each segment of your audience.

Therefore, if you want the best software for attribution modeling or searching for an attribution service platform that would give you higher ROI at a fraction of your current marketing cost, then choose DMC Insight Attribution Software.

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